A Brief History of McDonald’s

by ryan on July 1, 2017


A Brief History of McDonald’s


1940 marks the very beginning of the food chain’s existence. It started as a barbecue resto in San Bernardino, California founded and ran by brothers, Maurice and Richard McDonald. A year thereafter—when they added burgers in to their menu—they were able to noticed drastic numbers of people that were visiting their place.

By 1948, they decided to transform the resto into a hamburger serving chain that followed a certain set of procedures for consistency of taste and quality.


In 1955, Ray Kroc—a businessman—joined the McDonalds Brothers and helped with putting the food chain for franchise. McDonald’s can now be found in 119 countries with 34,000 branches and over 1.7 million employees. As an act of appreciation towards their customers, McDonald’s discount savings were created—and nowadays—they have made the McDonalds coupons with much better offers.

What Are the Latest McDonalds savings?

For the convenience of customers, McDonald’s have been giving out the savings upon entry of customers. If you’re someone who doesn’t really go out that much and have been ordering from the food chain through online or calling service delivery, you may have overlooked these coupons and haven’t been able to benefit from it.

Well, just because you’re a regular deliver service customer, it doesn’t mean these coupons are to no avail for you—might as well check the online facet for printable and downloadable McDonalds coupons savings with codes that you can provide the delivery personnel.

Anyway, the savings are pretty much available for almost anything within their menu. For instance, there are savings that will let you save 40 cents or roughly 35 percent of what an actual cheeseburger, medium fries and large coke combo will cost. There are also coupons that will entitle you of a free baked apple pie when you reach a certain amount of order. Aside from these, there are so much more—you better lookout for these coupons while they’re still hot.

Are McDonalds Coupons savings Applicable on Any Branch?

There are savings that are usable on any branch nationwide while there are others that can only be used in certain states or countries. It really depends—just check out the info of the coupon. So when you’re downloading savings online as McDonald’s sporadically give out coupons at their branches, make sure that you are specifying the demographical validity of the coupons.

Whether you want a pancake for breakfast, a hamburger and fries for lunch or a sundae for dessert, McDonald’s is definitely the go-to place (and I heard that their McFlurry has been improved with more milk and Oreo bits, too. Sounds yummy!)

McDonalds savings will absolutely make ordering a lot more fun and exciting with all the cash you save from them.



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